Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a model that involves learning skills to handle difficult thoughts and feelings more effectively so they have less impact and influence over you. For example, perhaps anger or fear or sadness has been controlling you for quite some time. Through our work together, you’ll learn ways to take back control so that the anger no longer controls you, but you control it.

As part of this process you’ll learn how to have more self-control over what you do and how you act in the world. And you’ll also be able to clarify deep in your heart what you want to be about, what you want to stand for in life, how you want to treat yourself and others, and the values that drive you. Or the values that you would like to drive you. ACT is a very active type of therapy. It involves running through skills during our sessions and engaging in homework assignments so you can learn new ways of addressing the thoughts and feelings that are keeping you stuck. More than anything, it’s a deep and practical path that can help you achieve what you want in the outside world.

I come to this model with a strong background in brief therapy and I am a big believer that a lot can happen in a short amount of time. So while I do have some clients who I see for extended periods of time, quite often I am able to work with clients for just 3-5 sessions (or less) and they are able to have the breakthroughs and awareness they need to move forward positively in their life.

If this sounds like work you’d like to do together, book your first session here.