Howdy! I love a good Q&A, so let’s start there…

What’s this site all about?

It’s your source for copy that won’t put people to sleep.

For simple tools and systems that’ll make your business run more smoothly so you don’t want to shoot it in the face.

And for advice on how to make great money so you can do smart things like keep your lights on, pay yourself (and your people) well, and drink really good wine.

What do you do here?

I teach, write and evangelize about getting your marketing sh*t done. Sh*t like content, copy, launches, systems, automation, communication, management and everything else you need to give some sh*ts about in order to run a fun, profitable and sustainable business.

I’m an entrepreneur/small business owner. Will you write my copy for me?

I used to do that. All the live long day. But now I’m more like a plastic surgeon. You come to me with something. Anything. Even if it’s a blank page that says, “I have no idea what the living F to write here.” And I nip, tuck and tighten that mother up so it’s ready for prime time. Then it makes you money so you can do your happy dance.

Here are the two ways we can make that happen:

The Rewrite

This is right for you if you’ve already poured a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears into your copy and nothing great is happening. As in, nobody’s buying what you’re selling. You’ll hand over your copy and I’ll get out my smart pen and turn your words from meh to so money. You’ll get options. You’ll get words that won’t bore the crap outta people. And you’ll probably wanna name your next kid after me.

The Copy Sandbox Phone Consult

This is right for you if you’ve been staring at a blank page for so long you’ve lost sight in one eye. When you sign up for a consult, you and I get on the phone and talk about the beauty that is your business. You’ll tell me about your plans for domination of XYZ and we’ll brainstorm ways to help you get there… via words on the page. I’ll pull out the brilliance that’s already inside you, help you craft the story that’ll make people love and want to buy from you, and you’ll get some ideas for messaging that you can spread across every platform you use.

If either of these services sound good to you, head here to book me.

My business and marketing projects are fully off the rails. Can you help me fix that?

If you mean can I do the thing that makes me happier than Country Time lemonade on a hot Virginia day? Hellz yes I can do that.

Here’s how it works. You complete this form and tell me about your project. If it’s something I can help with, I’ll reach out to schedule a call to see if it makes sense for you to bring me on to manage it. Not full time. Not long term. Just one glorious marketing project/launch at a time.

Who are you?

The ten cent version: My name is Melani and I’m a copywriter and project manager based in Boulder, CO.

The more expensive version is here if you want it.