Hello, I’m Melani Dizon.

Melani Circle BWI provide marketing strategy, copywriting and ongoing end-to-end business development for established entrepreneurs with mission driven businesses. I only work with three clients at a time. If you’re in growth mode, you have a team, and you have consistent and sizable marketing needs and writing projects, I’d love to talk.

I also spend a lot of my time helping people win the career lottery… because talking about careers – especially great ones – gives me an unreasonable amount of pleasure. If you’re interested in finding out about what makes you (and others) tick so you can choose the best career or role for you, get along better with key (and not so key) people at work, make better hires, or use your strengths in more compelling and memorable ways, learn about getting your behavioral and values debrief here.

Jennifer Louden“Working with Melani is one of the very best things I’ve done for my business. I’ve made her swear she’ll never leave me.:) Over the last 24 years, I tried repeatedly to hire marketing help but every single time I was disappointed. What a waste of money and time! The amount of bull out there in business development is truly astonishing.

Melani is amazing because she’s the very rare combo of a strategic analytic mind, a coaching mind and a creative writer mind. She’s so steeped in what works to build an ethical, profitable and mission driven business.  She’s seen and studied so much and she brings it all to our work together.

She’s lightening fast, meets every single deadline, and captures my writing voice, which is no small feat considering I’ve been honing it for 24 years. She’s full of brilliant ideas to realistically grow my business and so not only are my profits increasing and my work load decreasing, but I feel so less alone because I have Melani to brainstorm with. I somehow managed to find someone who thinks about my business almost as much as I do:) She even loses sleep over it, thinks about it while she’s running, and then comes back to me with great ideas.

If you’re looking for someone to market for you, write for you, and champion you and your work, I cannot recommend Melani highly enough!

Jennifer Louden, Best Selling Author, Teacher & Retreat Leader | Jennifer Louden.com