Melani Dizon

Hi, I’m Melani Dizon.

My mom always used to say that I was born with a pen in one hand and a notebook in the other. I’d always respond, “That must’ve been a bitch of a delivery.” But she was right. I started writing as soon as I could hold a pen and I wrote professionally for over 20 years.

I held many other roles too: I’ve been a therapist, teacher, coach, consultant, counselor, retreat leader, project manager and even a get sh*t done ninja.

In 2015 I read a book called The Surrender Experiment. It changed my life. Two years later my mother, who also happened to be my best friend, passed away. That changed me. With that change came the unrelenting urge to reimagine and rewrite the next chapter of my life. That’s what I’m doing now.