A love letter to women over 40 who’ll settle
for nothing less than a career they love…

Dear smart and ambitious you,

It’s never too late to have a meaningful, fulfilling and challenging career.

It’s never too late to make the career you currently have even better.

And it’s never to late to align who you are with what you do.

…even if you’re way old (or over 40)

…even if you’ve just been inconveniently downsized – or flat out fired –  (blessing in disguise)

…and even if you haven’t “worked” in 20 years (because kids)

I believe you have a career superpower. I believe the truth is often hiding in plain sight. I believe there’s a good answer and a REAL answer to the question: “What’s next?” And I believe that magic happens – not only in your career – when you stop tiptoeing around the perimeter of your life and dive in head first.

If you’re looking for help finding your way through the questions and anxiety that often come during big career transitions, find out about working with me here.