Hi. I’m Melani.

You’re in the right place if you want to start, build and grow a freelance copywriting business. And, you know, make it awesome. Ten years ago I quit my job to turn my part-time freelance writing business into a full time gig – it was the best move I ever made. Now I’m sharing everything I’ve learned so YOU can build a copywriting business that allows you to work on creative and interesting projects, live life on your own terms, and make a fabulous living.

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“Melani likes to kick my ass. Sometimes I’m scared to call her because whenever I have the urge, it’s usually because I need to hear something I don’t want to hear. And she has no problem saying it. Or should I say, she has no problem asking me sneaky questions that get me to say it without even realizing I’m doing it. That’s the best part about working with Melani. She gets it and she gets me so clearly that I can’t hide (which let’s face it, has not been working for me anyway). Part task master, part get shit done ninja warrior, and part tell it like it is with a big fat smile coach, I am so grateful to her.  Because of working with Melani I’m building a writing business (& life) I love.”