Mailbox is made of wood carved into shapes. Was attached to the pillars.

Hi, I’m Melani Dizon.

I teach people how to transform their lives through writing & yoga.

I’m also an advocate of handwritten letters. And I wish everyone could have a mailbox filled with them.
That’s because when you call people out for being awesome, you get to make their day. You get to
be their hero and because of that, they show up in their lives in big and beautiful ways. They get a
spring in their step, they pay it forward, and they go to bed at night feeling like a million bucks.
Hand writing letters of awesome will feel delicious. You won’t be able to stop. I promise.

my latest words

How to Write an Apology Letter

Without question, the apology letter is the letter that people struggle with most. Whether the apology is coming days after an event or years later, it’s hard to say you’re sorry. You know, like Chicago sang in the 80s. Hold me now. ...

How to Write a Love Letter

I started writing love letters when I was 16. I wrote them to my high school and college sweetheart. For every 10 I wrote, he probably wrote one back. Maybe. At first I used to be sad that he didn’t write me more. (Seriously, what the hell ...