Mailbox.My mom always says that I was born with a pen in one hand and a notebook in the other. I always say, “That must have been a bitch of a delivery.”

I’m in the business of communication – precise, creative, and compassionate communication.

I love words that make people interested, that make people feel something.

And I LOVE making someone’s day!

I’m on a mission to put more hand written letters of love, gratitude, and appreciation into mailboxes all over the world.

There’s always a letter that’s waiting to be written. Grab a pen.

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The Hand Written Letter Project: Day 26

I started making my list of hand written letter recipients for May yesterday. I decided to make it a month of thanking people I don’t know and who have never heard of me before, but who have impacted me in some way. Whether it was a guest I heard on my favorite podcast or the […]

The Hand Written Letter Project: Day 25

Sweet Ginger Brown… this letter writing business is making other people just as happy as I had hoped. Here are my favorite comments from emails so far: “I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner! “ “This project is helping me repair a relationship that means a ...

The Hand Written Letter Project: Day 24

I used to be a high school tennis coach and one year at the end of the season banquet one of the parents said, “You can always tell how much the kids like the coach by how many nicknames they give her/him.” Seeing as I had managed to rack a slew of them up that […]